Air The Show

If you would like to air this show on your station please contact us and we will get you setup.

We have a few basic requirements.

  1. You music be licensed to legally play music, we will verify this and will check periodically to make sure you are still licensed.
  2. Must be able to pull a shoutcast stream. We will provide you details on how to pull the stream.
  3. We do not run commercials nor do we have spots for commercials. We are a straight music program.
  4. You must have our approval to run this show.
  5. You are not allowed to give anyone else the information to this stream, we provide these details for you, you will put that information into your system to have your software play the stream like a song, in Sam Broadcaster this is add file, add url.

We will start the stream at the exact showtime and usually end right at the end time. We sometimes run a minute of two over but try to keep the show to the exact times.

After the show we will send a list of all songs played during that show.

Our show runs on Thursday’s from 9PM to Midnight EST.

This show runs live most of the time, there might be some nights where I am not able to do it live, if this is the case I will upload a pre-recorded show to take the place of the live show, it will still run 3 hours long. Included in the pre-recorded show is a file that has every song played in that show.

Once you become an approved station you will be sent an email that has all the information you need including the website and user name and password you will use to login to that site. There you will have everything you need.

You will also need to send us a picture of your logo so we can add it to our listen page. So people know they can come to your station to listen.

who do you pay to be licensed to play music?