Girl in a jacket

My name is Jonathan, I have been in internet radio for a couple years combined. I realize this is not a huge amount of time, but I work on putting on a great show that the listeners can connect to.

I work for the State Of New Mexico at the moment. I have worked in the field as an EMT in New Mexico. I love internet radio and the possibilities it brings, and the people you get to meet and interact with. I have made friends with internet radio and look forward to what the future holds.

I have always had a love for the music of the 50’s and 60’s, but have also had a love of older Country music. I have been told I am an old guy trapped in a young persons body.

A dream I have is to get a successful radio show, even if it doesn’t become a full time deal, just to have the fun that radio gives you, and to meet the people. This is why I have included a chatroom on my site, I want people to interact with me, and I want to be able talk to everyone, you have radio personalities that you hear on the radio and maybe can talk to them for a minute while you call and make a request, I am not that guy. My goal is you can come into the chat room and talk with me during the show and joke around get your request in, and you never know a joke you tell might wind up on the air.